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Each donation to Hospice of the Valleys helps us to continue to provide compassionate caring and the alleviation of suffering for the patients and families on our service. Thank you for assisting us in providing comfort, support, and caring to all of the lives we have been called to serve. In this way, the legacy of your loved one lives on vibrantly.

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Your monthly donation provides an income we can rely on, ensuring that we have everything needed to deliver prompt 24/7 access to compassionate and loving care. Your generosity allows us to never, ever turn anyone away in need of hospice care, despite the ability to pay.

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Hospice of the Valleys is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions that are not made in exchange for goods or services are tax deductible. We accept donations in the form of checks, cash, credit cards, stock, or in-kind contributions. All donations are confirmed by mail with a thank you letter acting as receipt. All memorial/honor tributes are acknowledged to the family/individual and include the donor's name and address - the donor's contribution amount is not disclosed.

Donations ensure that everyone who can benefit from our services is able to receive them regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. Thank you for considering a gift to Hospice of the Valleys.


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